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Best in class, custom software solutions for your home and business.

At Sweet Grass Software, we have over a decade of experience in custom software development.  We have developed custom manufacturing, engineering, and web-based software.  At Sweet Grass Software, we are confident that we can provide any kind of software solution you may need.

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Custom Software

At Sweet Grass Software, we are experts in creating custom software solutions.  We have created complex manufacturing, enginerring, and user interface based custom software.  Do you need enhacements made to your existing in-house software?  No job is too small or too big for Sweet Grass Software.  Contact us for a free quote.

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Part Time IT Service

Own a small business? Can’t justify a full time Information Technology (IT) professional? Outsource your IT needs to Sweet Grass Software. We have years of experience with a number of different technologies. We have the background to recommend solutions to save you and your business money.

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Web Services

If your business is not on-line, you are losing money. In today's world most people will visit your web site before they visit your business. Make sure you are out there.... Getting on-line has never been easier, or cheaper. Create a web-page for your family. Where you can share photos, files, news and information. Maybe it's time to create that personal blog you've been thinking about. 

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Get a custom webpage for your business, family, or club for $10/month !

Want on-line, but don't want to worry about web-hosting, web-site development, or email management.  Let us take care of all of it.  All you have to do is point people to your new web site.

*price based on contract length and feature requirements